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Today, the vast majority of solar products on the market are imported from Asia by large retailers.  For these importers, price therefore becomes the principal selection criterion, making the quality, design, and performances of these products a much lesser priority. By designing its products in France, Watt & Home makes it possible to pay close attention to all these criteria. 


To sell our solar products, we rely on a network of high-performing professional distributors, united by a commercial policy that is truly respectful of the distribution process and of the service provided to the end client, the home consumer.  



It is our wish to offer impeccable quality of service with low shipping costs and short delivery times thanks to a constantly optimised supply chain, large stocks, and a responsive industrial process.




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If you would like to become a retailer of Watt & Home products, see below for an overview of the benefits of working directly with a manufacturer: 

  • Direct contact with the manufacturer
  • Shipping as low as €300
  • Order and delivery available all year
  • Regular quality and performance checks
  • Years of experience
  • A personalised contact for each client
  • Full marketing assistance
  • An After-Sales Service team composed of qualified technicians



  The difference between good solar products ... and worst


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Our Company

From the simplest solar decoration to brighten, the real effective lighting, Watt & Home specializes in solar lighting.


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